Cableguys Fallout Vault 76

Cable Guys Fallout Vault 76

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Cable Guys Fallout Vault 76

What better way to charge up your phone or controller than with the help from your guide through the waist land, our Cable Guys Fallout Vault 76 will hold your device and keep it safe while it charges.

Cable Guys are functional figures that make charging your game controller and cell phone fun! It's the perfect squad mate for any bedroom, office, or lounge. Looking great on its own or when holding your controller or mobile. Works with PlayStation and Xbox controllers and most Smartphones.

When you have a Fallout Vault Cable Guy, you definitely won’t struggle with power. This handy stand charges your tech gadgets while it holds them, and it includes a 2-meter charging cable that fits Apple Lightning and micro USB ports! So, if you want a SPECIAL place to keep your phone and console controllers, order this Cable Guys Fallout Vault 76 today!

Barcode: 5060525892899

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