Digimon Pet Orange Clear Virtual Pet Monster

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Digimon Pet Orange Clear Virtual Pet Monster

Digimon is the unique, original Digital Monster from BANDAI. It needs you to hatch, raise and train for the ultimate monster battle a showdown between your Digimon and another. With the exclusive dock ’n rock action, you can link up with a friend’s Digimon for an epic battle with hundreds of potential combinations! Who will reign victorious? It depends on how well you raise and train your Digimon. Feed it well; train it thoroughly, and you will be on your way to being a master Digimon handler.


    • The original virtual Monster you loved back in the ‘90s is back!
    • Feed him, provide medical attention, turn lights on/off, clean up after him, check his health and train him then pit him against your friend’s Digimon in a binary bout.
    • Digimon will alert you when he’s hungry or requires more training.
    • Engage the exclusive dock ‘n rock feature and pit your Digimon in a binary bout against your friend’s Digimon.
    • The Digital Monster you train for action.
    Barcode: 3296580418633

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