Notebook A5 Harry Potter Hogwarts School

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Notebook Harry Potter Hogwarts

Notebooks for you to pen down your exciting thoughts and keep alive all those memories of all the great times! Built with high-quality materials, elegant designs are also a high-quality composition notepad for the love of writing. Whilst your school may not be as cool as Hogwarts, you'll still feel magical when you sit down at your desk to write in this A5 Harry Potter Hogwarts Notebook. Featuring a stylish, dynamic print of the Hogwarts school crest and a silhouette of the castle.

This Harry Potter Hogwart Notebook will transport you to a wonderful world of notes, doodles, and important writing. Whether you're using it at school or home, your work will be kept safe thanks to the included elasticated fastening.

This Hogwarts School Notebook is perfect for scribbling down any inspiration which comes to you during long History of Magic lessons. The burgundy cover is decorated with a beautiful glittering Hogwarts crest and border in a metallic finish. An excellent gift for Harry Potter fans and Hogwarts students.

Barcode: 3665361012672