PlayStation 5 Twin Charge Dock

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PlayStation 5 Twin Charge Dock

This Controller Charger is designed for PlayStation 5 that provides a quick and easy way to charge and store your PlayStation 5 Controller. With the USB charging cable provided, you can charge your controller from several sources easily. Charge the controller faster and use the integrated led charge status indicator. During charging, the charge level indicator glows orange and when charging is complete, the light on the charge level indicator changes to blue so never have trouble with empty controllers again.

The docking method ensures your controller doesn’t get scratched when it’s placed on the dock. The PlayStation 5 Twin Charge Dock uses removable USB-C adapters that plug into your controller. So when you are done gaming just drop your controller onto the charger.

Charge your controller from whatever power source is most convenient for you! The included USB-C to Type-A cable gives you the versatility to charge your controllers for several different places like your console, an AC adapter, power bank or USB hub.

Barcode: 5053145120114