Turtle Beach Recon 70p Gaming Headset - Black (Refurbished)

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Turtle Beach Recon 70p Gaming Headset - Black

* This product is Refurbished to a high standard. The headset will arrive unboxed. May show small amounts of normal wear and tear, the product is in excellent condition and like brand new *

 The Turtle Beach Recon 70p Gaming Headset for PS4 Pro and PS4 lets you hear your next victory, your latest achievement, and more. Featuring Turtle Beach's newest lightweight design, the Turtle Beach BT-5 is great for hours of gaming, with premium speakers and over-ear cushions made from premium synthetic leather that let you hear every crisp high and thunderous low.

With Turtle Beach Recon 70p Gaming Headset, you'll be able to hear every nuance of the game's audio. This 40 mm over-ear speaker lets you hear every sweeping note of the soundtrack and every gunshot as you traverse the battlefield.

Making yourself heard is important. The Recon 70 comes with a microphone designed to pick up your voice clearly so your teammates can hear everything you say. Flip the microphone up and it will automatically mute when you need to focus.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight comfort.
  • Premium ear cushions.
  • Multiplatform compatibility.
  • High-quality 40mm speakers.
  • Flip-up Mic.
Barcode: 0731855035557