Figure of Eight Lead Power Cable - UK 3 Pin

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Replace your overused or misplaced power cable, or just get some extra cords for convenience. This Figure of Eight Lead Power Cable is designed to work with laptops, gaming consoles, and other audio/video equipment that uses a 2-slot non-polarized power cord.

  • The Figure of 8 Lead Power Cable provides protection and prevents scratches, chips, and dirt from accumulating. It is a great replacement for game systems, entertainment systems, music systems, laptops, printers, LED LCD Smart TV Monitor, and many other devices.
  • The Flexible Power Cord is designed to be durable and lightweight. It is encased in a durable PVC jacket to ensure a reliable power connection. The PVC connectors are molded to provide a high-quality cable that is perfect for home or office use.
  • It is used for powering a variety of electrical appliances such as PC base units, monitors, printers & photocopiers, and a whole host of other equipment including high-temperature devices.