Turtle Beach Recon 50P Gaming Headset - Black (Refurbished)

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Turtle Beach Recon 50P Gaming Headset - Black

* This product is Refurbished to a high standard. The headset will arrive unboxed. May show small amounts of normal wear and tear, the product is in excellent condition and like brand new *

Experience the sleek, lightweight design and crystal clear audio of the Turtle Beach Recon 50P Gaming Headset. With its 40mm speakers and in-line controls, the Recon 50P conveniently places Mic Mute and Master Volume at your fingertips, and the high-sensitivity adjustable boom microphone can be used for an in-game chat or watching movies, or removed when listening to music.

Featuring synthetic leather-wrapped ear-cups, this over-ear design is sleek, lightweight, and extremely comfortable to wear for hours. If you need to play in-game or chat online, you can use the high-sensitivity adjustable boom mic. You should remove the microphone when listening to movies or listening to music.

The Turtle Beach Recon 50P Gaming Headset can be used with the PlayStation 4 controller, as well as with the PS Vita, PC, Mac, and mobile/tablet devices. It will also connect to the new Xbox One controller with the 3.5 mm headset jack and to other Xbox One controllers.

Key Features:

  • An adjustable, high sensitivity mic picks up your voice loud and clear and can be removed when watching movies or listening to music
  • Play for hours (or days) in complete comfort
  • Hear every crisp, high and thundering low with these large 40-millimeter speakers
  • Convenient in-line controls place master volume and mic mute right at your fingertips.
  • Connects directly to the PlayStation 4 controller and PS VitaTM, as well as other devices.


Barcode: 731855033034